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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Project Toddler: 17 Months Old

Man, this last month was a doozy! Over the course of the past 4.5 weeks, Harrison was only healthy for 2 days. First, he got one cold replete with an eye infection the week before Thanksgiving. He was just about healed when he came down with another cold and ditched the eye infection in lieu of a terrible cough that still keeps him up at night. His actual runny nose is pretty much gone now but the cough is lingering at night and still waking him (and, therefore, me!) up. I am so over it and am hoping he will be better soon! He has been really ornery and had a hard month this last month. I am ready for him to be back to healthy again.

Here are some fun things that Harrison has been up to:

  • Every day Harrison becomes more and more aware of the world around him! It is amazing watching him suddenly realize what something means or how something works. On Friday night, we were going to say family prayers. I always say ask him to fold his arms for the prayer even though he has never done it. Well, I asked him and he actually surprised me by doing it! He was so proud of himself and I was proud of him too! Since then, when we say we're going to pray, he folds his arms. It is amazing how much kids pay attention, especially Harrison. He is always observing our mannerisms, words, and behavior. He constantly surprises me by responding to something I do or so, even though he has never made a response to that particular thing before.
  • This week, Harrison was holding a strand of colored Christmas lights. As he looked at them, I had the thought that I should tell him the color of each light. I pointed out the 5 colors to him. He then pointed to red and I said "red" again. He the pointed out 3 more reds on the strand... and just red, mind you, not any of the other colors. He then pointed to a blue and I said "blue" again. He then proceeded to point out 3-4 blues on the strand. I thought this was really smart that he was able to show me the colors that were alike, even though I had never told him before what those colors were on that strand of lights.
  • This week, Harrison has started to pick his nose and wipe his own nose. I think it's because we were wiping his nose so much from his cold that he decided he was going to just do it himself!
  • Harrison has become even more picky with eating in the last month. I can understand not wanting to eat the same things all the time, which inevitably happens when it feels so limited trying to feed a child. The funny thing is that the more flavorful something is, the more he likes it! I know a lot of kids like bland foods, but not this one. And, I will say he isn't so much picky I guess as just too busy to be interested in eating! I have had to resort to feeding him in the bath in the mornings to ensure he eats enough breakfast, because I noticed that if he doesn't eat enough, his bowel movements are off. (He usually poops every morning.) Is that TMI? Probably!
  • Here are some of the foods he enjoys: CARROTS, PICKLES, CHEESE, any type of meat, noodles with sauce (he no longer enjoys plain noodles... he wants them to taste good!) bananas (although not the last week or so), apple slices, orzo pasta with pesto, broccoli, bell pepper slices, his grandma's biscuits, raisins, cranberries, (sometimes) bread products, pears, oatmeal, peaches, pretzels, dry cereal, Wheat Thins, Ritz crackers, the various sweet breads and baked goods his dad makes, spaghetti squash with sauce, baked sweet potato fries, fruit leather, and freeze dried fruit/veggie melts.
  • Harrison has started to surprise us with more and more words, even putting together small sentences, such as saying "It broke" to his cousin when he pulled apart a Lego car. He has said a lot of words once or more, but not necessarily consistently. Before the last two days, he was answering "AH" to questions favorable to him. The last two days, however, he answers "YEAH!" to a lot of questions, and gets very excited when it is something he really wants such as nursing or sitting on the counter (his new favorite thing). It's now his favorite word right now. Here are some more words he says consistently: tree, eat, up, phone, bubble, shoes, light (usually he says "tree" for light too, though), book, "mo" for "no"
  • Harrison absolutely LOVES Christmas trees and Christmas lights! He knows how to plug in our tree and loves having it plugged in. He also loves looking at Christmas lights as we are driving. A few weeks ago, we decided on the spur of the moment to go drive around and look at Christmas lights in the area. Harrison would get so excited about every house and then cry when we had to move on to the next house. He still is doing that and doesn't quite get why we can't get out and teach the lights at every house! It is pretty funny!
  • Harrison still loves reading, which makes my heart happy. He loves flipping through each book and pointing out the pictures on each page. Right now, he is obsessed with this truck book he has and he was also obsessed with this library book that had themed pages. In that book, he kept turning to the page with the broom and vacuum and loved pointing them out. Funny guy!
  • Harrison also likes going to the library. He usually only likes looking at the books briefly before wanting to sit on the kids' chairs at the kids' computers. This week, however, he got bored of that and ended up actually wanting to hold the stuffed animals that are in that section. Normally, he isn't interested in stuff animals, so I was surprised that he wanted to see and hold all of the stuffed animals.
  • Harrison moved up to size 6 diapers this month. He was soaking through his size 5 diapers every night, sometimes even by 4 in the morning. Being soaked through to his jammies and shirt was waking him up so we decided it was definitely time to switch to the size 6s! He still wears 5s during the day sometimes (because they are cheaper than the 6s), but he always wears 6s to bed!
  • Harrison has decided this month that he actually likes to build with the blocks I've been trying to get him to play with for months. He enjoys having them in the bath with him and building while he's in there. In fact, that's usually when he plays with his blocks.
  • Some might think I'm crazy, but, at 17 months old, Harrison has never watched TV, has never played with any apps for kids on my phone, and has never watched an entire movie (although he has watched 5 minutes or less here or there). I'm sure this will change if/when he has a sibling come along!
  • Harrison has started to have a hard time with sharing. He realizes that he wants what he wants and doesn't want anyone else to have it. He is getting to that "mine" stage. His cousin had his snack holder the other day and Harrison kept saying "mo! mo!" He did the same when his cousin had a favorite book of Harrison's. I am working with him as much as I can to help him continue to share as he did before.
  • Harrison still loves going outside and gets super bummed when we let the dog out and that we can't go outside more because it's cold. Poor guy! We do try to take him on walks, but he isn't quite ready to walk on his own without wanting to run into neighbors' yards or into the street.
  • Harrison currently has 8 teeth and almost 2 molars on top. One molar is almost all popped through while the other molar is 1/6 of the way out.
  • He seems like he is trying to make the transition from a 2-1 nap schedule, although he does MUCH better when he takes two naps. This week, he had a couple days of just one nap. Those days were the days he was the most ornery. Basically if he isn't ready to take a second nap by 3:30pm, it isn't happening, no matter how tired he is! There always seems to be a learning curve when it comes to a child's ever-changing sleep schedule.

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