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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mountain Adventures

Well, Evan and I embarked on our first adventure of Christmas tree cutting on Saturday. The first couple of years we were married, we had a fake tree because we lived in a small apartment. Last year, my sister cut down a tree in the mountains for us since we had a small baby. This year, we were fresh out of reasons why we shouldn't try our hand at cutting down a tree in the mountains ourselves!

We bundled up in the warmest winter clothes we could find (grateful for some mis-matched hand-me-down boots my sister lent us!) and caravaned into the mountains with my sister's family and my brother-in-law's three siblings' families. We were quite the crowd up there!

I thought Harrison would LOVE seeing the snow, but he wasn't very excited about it. He was tired and it was cold. He liked for a little while when his cousin pulled him on the sled, but was led than happy when I tried to do it. True to Harrison form, he insisted on pulling the sled himself rather than riding on it. Funny guy!

Even though I wanted to tree "shop" for a while, Evan ended up cutting down the first tree we found because it was the best. Evan cracked me up because he brought a chainsaw to hike down a hill with a kid on his back. This guy never ceases to amaze me. On the way up, I started out carrying Harrison, but Evan quickly took him off my hands while carrying the tree AND the chainsaw! Can you say mountain man?!

Evan helped everyone else get their tree while Harrison and and "played" in the snow and ate a little lunch with cousins. Eventually, we got kind of sick of waiting for Evan to come back and it was COLD and Harrison was TIRED, so we went to the car so Harrison could get warm and just play around. He loves driving... and he found Daddy's toothbrush to play with (his current obsession).

After we left, we drove up 410 to Chinook Pass. Evan and I have talked about wanting to go this season but just couldn't quite make it happen. We spontaneously went and were glad we did! It was so crazy to see how much snow is up there right now. It actually is a great spot for sledding if anyone is interested! At the end, we saw a fox that Evan chased away because it was wanting to eat out of people's hands. Some people got a little frustrated at Evan for doing that, but they don't realize that the fox will be killed if it A) can't survive on its own or B) bites someone because it gets too used to people. C'est la vie! All in all, we had a great Saturday adventure!

Evan taped his boots on so that no snow would get in. Ha!

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