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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day at the Zoo

Last Friday, in spite of the beginnings of a cold, Harrison and I went up to Seattle to go to the zoo with one of my best friends, Christina! Harrison LOVES Christina! He gave her his first ever kiss and he also called her a few weeks back, the first and only phone call he's ever made! :) Apparently, he is going for the older women.

We had a fun time. Harrison was SO shy at the beginning, but ended up having fun running around when we let him out of the stroller. His favorite animals were the lions! He loved watching the lion cubs play. He also was just STARING at the giraffes and elephants. It was funny watching his little mind work as he watched the animals. I bet once he gets a little older, he will really love the zoo because of the animals and not because of the huge "park" to run around in. Then again, maybe not! Harrison started having a melt down as the sun was going down and we were on the opposite side of the park from our car. He wanted to continue to run around and we were trying to get him into his stroller to walk back to the car. It's at times like these that I wish I would have brought a sucker with me to keep him happy while we stroller around. This guy doesn't like strollers for some reason, he never really has!

One funny thing about our zoo experience was that we found a bird called a "Kea" (pronounced key-uh) who was known for its insatiable curiosity and destructive behavior. I thought this description pretty much typified the stage that Harrison is in right now!

There was a peacock right when we walked into the zoo that walked SO close to us! (I wanted to pet him, but Christina wouldn't let me.) It made me SO happy! Also, did I mention how obsessed I am with peacocks?! Yeah, I totally am. I love them. If I didn't own a dog who would chew through that peacock in a New York minute, I would seriously consider having one just roaming around my back yard. Peacocks are an acceptable pet, right?


He loved looking at the lights!

Crappy picture, but he LOVED riding this bear at the end before we had to high-tail it to the car with a screaming child in-tow!

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