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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project Baby: 35 Weeks & 8 Months Old

Thoughts this week:
  • Harrison has decided this week that he wants to eat EVERYTHING we're eating. He opens his mouth and reaches for food every time we eat. We started feeding him tiny pieces of muffins, biscuits, potatoes, black beans, quinoa, even a little lightly-seasoned soup. He has been loving it! Since we make his own baby food and seem to feed him pretty much the same thing every meal, he has been enjoying the variety, I'm sure!
  • He has a couple favorite books that I forgot to mention the past month. He loves this "Peek-a-who?" book that we have and a couple other peek-a-boo books. The two that are his favorite have a mirror at the end that he smiles at when we get to that page. It's so cute!
  • He LOVES to grab handles and towel racks and door knobs and the blinds and power cords. Oh, and cell phones. Not old cell phones. He can't be fooled by that. He loves current, working cell phones. He also loves our point-and-shoot digital camera that we let him use as a toy (it's shock and water proof).
  • He still loves to go on walks! He loves being outdoors!
  • He is still nursing like a champ. He LOVES nursing and I don't anticipate him wanting to stop any time soon, which I'm fine with. At the beginning, I absolutely LOATHED nursing. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to nurse, but now I really enjoy it and sometimes feel like it's the most calming, peaceful part of my day!
  • While Harrison nurses, he sometimes does this thing where he pinches my arm and then rolls the skin in between his index finger and thumb. OUCH! It hurts so bad. To counteract that, he sometimes is so sweet and rubs his little hand all around on my arm and my neck. It's so sweet!
  • Harrison and his dad have had more time together the past couple of weeks since Evan graduated. The other day, they went on a long walk and Harrison stayed on his dad's shoulders the whole time using Evan's hair and finger as a handrail. Good times were had by all.
  • He has continued waving bye/hello this week, especially when he sees us doing it. Today at church, he saw me wave to his cousin and he started waving too. It was adorable!
  • He hasn't said "buh buh" or "all duh" again for a few days, but he definitely understands what we're saying and the routine of our lives.

I started feeding Harrison pieces of a banana and then he decided that HE wanted to do it himself!

I started taking pictures of Harrison one day and ended up taking a bunch because the lighting was so good in the spare bedroom and he looked so adorable!

Love those eyes and that face!

Reading in his chair

EIGHT MONTHS OLD! Surprisingly, I actually had hardly any good pictures from his eight month birthday. We tried to take so many, but they mostly ended up blurry because Harrison was moving around so much. That guy!

Loves trying to get the bears on his quilt

Harrison was wearing the same jammies he had as a newborn and I wanted to compare newborn to 9-month sizes. The picture didn't work out as well as I would have liked, but I love his smile! :) 

He loves the tag more than the monkey!

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