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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project Baby: 34 Weeks & Baby Starts to Talk

Harrison hit a HUGE milestone this week! We realized he is starting to talk. I've thought for the past few weeks that he was saying "all duh" for all done. But, you know, I'm his mom. I know that every mother wants to her child is a genius. Needless to say, I was doubting what I was hearing. Well, I had it confirmed by a few normal skeptics (Evan's mom and Evan) on Tuesday. He doesn't do it all the time, but he does say it occasionally. He also starts waving this week (not all the time, but occasionally) and saying "buh bah" for bye bye. It's so cute!

The downside to all of this is that Harrison knows now what "bye bye" means, especially when his mother is involved. Even though I hadn't told Evan or his mom, I could hear Harrison crying after I said bye to him and shut the door. It is the hardest thing to do to just keep walking out the door and on to my teaching job! The poor guy just wants to be with his mom. He also has started crying when I get home from school (if he's with his dad) or when I pick him up from grandma's. He may have been happy before he sees me, but the second I walk in he remembers that he's hungry or he missed his mom and he lets everyone know it!

He is such an adorable guy! Every day, I thank my Heavenly Father for such a sweet baby boy to be my son. I just feel so blessed. I was on a little walk yesterday with Harrison and I was trying to hold back the tears as I told him that I knew we chose to be in the same family before this world began. We are kindred spirits. I chose to be his mother and he chose to be my son. There is so much weight and responsibility in that. I know that I am responsible to teach him and to raise him to be a righteous, kind man. I know that he is responsible for learning and growing according to the knowledge I give him. I love my son so much even during those hard times. Maybe especially during those hard times, because it reminds me of the sacrifice it is to be a parent and to love unconditionally even when someone isn't always capable of loving you back.

Thoughts this week:
  • We went on a road trip on Saturday to go visit his other great grandma (Evan's mom's mom) so we could have 4 generations together. It was A LONG DAY. Harrison pretty much cried the entire 2+ hours up there in the car and then cried nearly as much on the way back. I was car sick the entire time. On the way back, we had to pull over because I didn't think I could take one more second in the car. It was horrible. That combined with the fact that I ate ricotta cheese for lunch (dairy isn't sitting well with me nowadays) made for a REALLY long day! I came home and just crashed. I'm glad we went, but it is not something I'd like to repeat in the near future!
  • Harrison's second little tooth is poking through in the bottom. Both teeth down there aren't all the way in yet, but I can definitely feel them when I nurse him! Teaching him not to bite when nursing should be interesting! Hasn't come up yet, but I don't doubt that it will!
  • Speaking of teething... Harrison sometimes has crazy amounts of drool. Poor guy. Sometimes he's just like normal, but sometimes it seems like there is a little flood in his mouth!
  • Harrison seems to sleep better on the weekend or on days that he's home all day. The past two weekends (Friday/Saturday), he slept 8-9 hours in a row. It was awesome. I know I need to sleep train him so this can keep happening for me!
  • Still loves sitting and standing best, but is getting more and more curious about how he can get all of the objects around him. When he is on his stomach, he pivots all the way around to get what/where he wants to go. It's amazing to watch the cogs turning as he's learning how to maneuver his world.
  • Harrison is very observant. He knows and prefers certain locations in the house, specifically the bathroom. He reaches out for the bathroom EVERY time we go by it because he loves standing and holding on to the towel rack. If he's particularly ornery, he will start crying if we don't go into the bathroom as we pass by it. It cracks me up how much he loves the towel rack in the bathroom!
This picture of his naked bum is for posterity's sake. Harrison will thank me later... much, much later.

Favorite spot!

Look mom, I'm going to drop this toy.

Trying to eat grass

Harrison was SO curious as I was trying to vacuum the stairs.

Visit at great-grandma's house ... 4 generations!

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