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Monday, March 04, 2013

Project Baby: 33 Weeks & Baby Learns to Dance

Wow! I cannot believe how much this guy is recognizing and the ability he has to interact. He is such a good, sweet boy and I feel so blessed to have him in my life!

This past week was a hard one. I started out going back to school after being home with my baby for 10 days straight. What a reality check that was! Thankfully, because Evan graduated from his nursing program a few weeks ago, he was able to watch Harrison in the mornings before he went to work. This made it so that I could come home (we live only 1/2 mile from school) and nurse Harrison for 10 minutes during my planning. What a blessing to only have to pump 1 time a day AND that Harrison got to be home for a couple more hourse. It meant that he got a little more sleep than usual, because he won't take that morning nap at his grandma's house, but he does take it at home.

On Friday, Evan FINALLY had a day off and I ran for the first time since Harrison was born (maybe even the first time since I was pregnant with Harrison). I have always felt like a super fit person, but I ran a mile and walked a mile and felt like I got a pretty good workout. I realized also the value of doing kegel exercises! Wow, so awkward running and trying not to pee my pants. (Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the truth!) Crazy what having a baby does to your body!

Saturday I went running/walking again, but with my sister this time. Man, am I SORE! I can't believe how sore I am just from some running/walking. I suspected I lost a lot of muscle from this inactive pregnancy and now I know the truth. It is amazing to me to really feel that I can't do what I am usually so used to doing!

A few updates this week:
  • Harrison's first tooth started poking through! It's the front bottom on the left-hand side. He has been kind of cranky because of it and has had trouble wanting to suck on his Schnuli or nurse normally. Sometimes he acts normal, sometimes I can tell it's hurting him. Poor guy!
  • Harrison ate his first bites of avocado and was not a fan of it! I think it may be because it was a little overly ripe and didn't taste as good as a normal avocado. Also, he's been pretty much just eating sweet potato and oatmeal mixed every day so avocado is a little sour comparatively!
  • Yesterday, I tried feeding Harrison a few bites of banana off of my finger. He acted like I was a CRAZY person! He had no clue what I was trying to do was give him food. It was so funny. Normally when we feed him, he opens his mouth for the next bite. When I was trying to feed him off of my finger from the banana I was eating, he totally didn't get it. It was funny! I hope he likes bananas because I LOVE them. I could eat 3 bananas a day!
  • On Saturday, Harrison started "dancing!" We were listening to some music and I was feeding him his dinner. When he finished, I started dancing and said "dance, dance, dance" and he started moving around in his high chair. It was SO precious! What a priceless moment it was to see those wheels in his head turning and watching him understand that dance involves movement. It truly is amazing to see how quickly babies learn! 7 months ago, he wasn't able to do anything for himself and now he recognizes and is able to do so many things. It truly is a miracle. When you have a baby, the world is new.
  • Harrison is still grabbing at everything around. He is still at his happiest when he is sitting down or when he is standing up. He really doesn't enjoy being on his tummy unless he puts himself there as he is reaching for an item in front of him. I really wonder if this kid is EVER going to learn how to crawl! I really do not want him to learn how to walk before he learns how to crawl, because I know that developmentally they miss a step cognitively if they do so. Maybe he'll just be a late crawler! He really isn't interested in it or at least doesn't realize he can crawl!
  • In his defense, he can move around on the floor mostly to where he wants to go and he DOES go backwards o the floor and does go DOWN the stairs. I was actually reading in my baby book on Saturday and read that I started crawling up the stairs at 7 months. Crazy! He is almost 8 months and definitely is not even close. Granted, he does also weigh probably almost 10 pounds more than I weighed when I was 7 months old! :)
  • Last thing... Harrison went to visit his great grandma (my grandma) on Sunday. He was so sweet with her and she with him. I love seeing them together! :)

Crazy bed head

Likes to eat the tag more than hold the monkey!

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