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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project Baby: 28 Weeks Old

Harrison brings so much joy to everyone he meets! He is so adorable and people just love his infectious smile, his crazy hair, and his cute face. It makes me happy to see the joy he brings others. In his baby blessing, his dad mentioned that he would bring joy... and he does! Sometimes I just look at his face and wonder how I get to have such a cute baby! It makes it hard to be frustrated (although, trust me, there are times!) when that little face is looking back at me. :)

Some news this week:
  • Harrision got his first high chair this week. He is a still a little too small for it, but I'm sure he'll be fitting it before we know it!
  • As of today, he is migrating around and rolling everywhere. This afternoon, after church, we put him on his play mat and I ran upstairs to print something off really quickly. When I came back down, Evan was laughing standing over him. Harrison had rolled 10 feet away! We decided to just let him stay on the wood floor and he kept rolling and rolling everywhere. It was hilarious. We are going to be having to baby-proof our house before too long!
  • Harrison still isn't crawling, but does push himself backwards because of how he kicks. I feel like he actually has stopped his progession with crawling because he hasn't been getting up on his knees as much. Instead, he likes to kick and kick and kick, which pushes himself backwards. 
  • Boy, does this kid like to kick! Last year, when I was pregnant with him, he actually kicked out one of my stomach muscles so it was visibly protruding from my body. (I was only 24 weeks along at the time.) He STILL loves to kick! When I change his diaper, he sometimes kicks me unintentionally in the abdomen and, man, it hurts!
  • Harrison is so funny with his feet. He still tries grabbing toys with his feet or gripping with his feet. He tries to use his whole body to grab things sometimes. It's hilarious. He is preparing to be our little rock climbing, hiking, surfing, mountaineering buddy! :)
  • When Harrison gets really excited, he does a full body wiggle and laugh all at the same time. It cracks Evan and I up!
  • Evan mentioned that gone are the days of cute little baby cries. Now, it's full lung baby wailing!
  • Harrison has been laughing more, especially laughs when he hears his mom laughs. For about 6 or so weeks, Harrison has laughed when he hears me laugh. One more a month or so ago, he and I were just playing one morning and he did a face that made me laugh. Because I laughed, then he laughed. And because he laughed then I laughed and on it went for a few minutes. It was awesome!
  • He is in 9 month clothes, but some of his clothes are 12 month clothes. We made the mistake of thinking that if we bought jammies that were the next size up that they'd fit him. Nope! They fit him for about a week and then are too small.
  • This week, Harrison started eating oatmeal cereal instead of rice cereal. I also added cinnamon to his cereal and mix it with some acorn squash. He seems to like it! We need to move on to a new food, but just haven't had the time to make the next baby food yet. We're thinking peas.
  • Harrison started taking baths again this week post showers. He seriously LOVES to splash and could care less about the toys that I put in there with us! I bought him a bath seat, which will hopefully be coming in the mail any time. That way, I won't have to bathe with him or else worry about trying to hold him with one hand from outside of the tub.
  • His favorite book is a favorite book about baby/mama love. He and I like to read it while laying down. He likes to lift/eat the flaps on the fabric book. That’s why it’s his favorite! I’ve been trying to work with him on not eating books and helping me turn the pages when we read. He’s still not into it.
  • As far as sleeping in the night goes, he is still waking up at midnight like clockwork. I'm not sure what to do. I hate the idea of sleep training and the CIO method, but I'm not sure what else to do. This mama is EXHAUSTED and needs her sleep. Harrison needs his full rest too. I'm looking into sleep training methods and options. Any ideas?


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