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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Baby: 27 Weeks Old & a 6 Month Birthday

Harrison turned 6 months old this week! I can hardly believe that my "little" baby is already half a year old. It's amazing how much he is doing now. Even though raising a child is the hardest thing I have ever done (saying a lot!), I am so grateful to have this little sweet boy in my life. He makes me so happy amid the struggles and trials along the way. Evan and I both have learned a lot and have both sacrificed so much for this little boy's happiness and comfort. I'd like to think that we're both better people because of it! :)

Nicknames to this point: Harrison sweet boy, sweetie boy, sweetie pie, rolly polly chuggernaut (Evan randomly was singing a song to him several months ago that he made up in the car to keep Harrison happy and that is the name he sang!), good sweet son, sweet son, son, sweetie guy, (notice all the of the "sweet" in there?! Don't let that fool you, this guy is a lot sassy too!), and the list could go on and on.

STATS:At his 6 month appointment on Friday, he weighed 18 pounds 5 ounces and was 28 ¼ inches long. (That was BEFORE nursing him. Usually, he eats before his appointments, not after.) He is still 90-something percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight. He has gained 2 pounds in 6 weeks. The doctor was surprised that he has only been nursing and that he has not been supplemented by formula. I told him that Harrison’s milk is buttermilk, which is how he’s able to gain so much weight!

 Mostly Recently-
  • Started eating rice cereal (homemade) Friday, January 11th. Ate squash this Saturday for the first time! At first he did NOT know what the heck had hit him, but now he eats squash every day mixed with rice cereal. We need to get creative with the next vegetables we’re going to feed him.
  • Evan likes to play a game with Harrison where he puts his fingers above Harrison's hands and tells Harrison to grab his hands. Harrison grabs Evan's hands… Evan says if Harrison is feeling spry, he’ll kick up his feet so he can hang like a monkey by his hands and feet. Harrison is so strong that he holds his own body up with his hands while Evan holds his feet! I'll have to get a picture of it as proof. :) Evan is training Harrison to be a rock climber already. Harrison LOVES it and is ready for it! The kid loves climbing and grabbing on everything in sight!
  • Harrison just wants to stand up nowadays. It’s his favorite thing to do. He loves holding on to anything and standing up.
  • Harrison loves sitting up while balancing on Evan’s hand. Evan walks around the house with Harrison sitting on his hand balancing.
  • Harrison started a few weeks ago grabbing at the shower curtain and trying to eat it every time we shower. In fact, he’s grabbing at everything and trying to eat it or throw it on the ground. He is a little destructo-baby. 
  • It could be his lack of coordination, but when he grabs something and plays with it for a second, he then throws it across the room.
  • He figured out last week that he doesn’t have to stay on his tummy anymore if he doesn’t want to. He just rolls right over if he doesn’t want to stay on his tummy. He also is starting to roll around across the floor.
  • As soon as one little scratch on his face gets healed, he seems to scratch himself again! This kid’s fingernails grow so fast! I have to cut them every 5 days or so. If I wait up to a week, it’s too late.
  • Harrison recognizes his dad, his mom, his grandma, and my sister the most of anyone, but he also recognizes and smiles at his cousins whenever he sees them!
  • A few weeks ago, Harrison starting to get up on his knees when he was doing his tummy time. We think he’s going to be a late crawler because he’s not super interested in crawling. But, he IS interested in grabbing everything in sight so maybe he’ll start crawling as a result of that.
  • Last of all- Harrison has been on this schedule of wanting to wake up at midnight the past few weeks (starting on Tuesday, January 8th- not that his mom is counting or anything!) and then again at about 3AM. It is EXHAUSTING his mom. At first it started out as a growth spurt thing then morphed into waking up because he had a cold and was struggling to breath. Now, we're not sure WHAT is going on. Time for sleep training?
At his cousin's house for a birthday party- His cousin, Megan, adores Harrison!

What is not pictured here is Harrison sitting on the roof. Evan just had him sitting on the roof, but the roof picture didn't turn out. Evan!

As if the roof wasn't enough, Evan decided to lay Harrison in the tree. Our son is destined to be a daredevil!

Love this face so much! :) I can't help just kissing those cheeks. Doesn't he have the most beautiful eyes?


Loves his laundry basket 

Caught one mid-roll

Evan and I started cracking up one morning because Harrison was just sitting there with his Schnuli in his mouth like this! It looked hilarious!

 This guy just wants to reach out and grab ANYTHING around him!

He wore a tie for the first time at church! he looked so handsome and helped everyone know FOR SURE he is a boy. Evan won't let me cut his hair yet so some people get confused. Usually boys don't have that long of hair at 6 months old! :)

Eat squash, for the second time before our family walk... the first time of squash we caught on video, but not on camera. Are we bad parents for not documenting that part of his life on camera? That remains to be seen.

Mama and Harrison on our walk

We had crazy fog this past weekend... check out the crazy ice that formed. It was SO spiky!


Amber said...

Do you have a recipe for the cereal? Would love for you to share! :-) Such a cutie and getting so big! You guys are doing awesome!

Amber said...

Do you have a recipe for the cereal? Would love for you to share! :-) Such a cutie and getting so big! You guys are doing awesome!

Denisse said...

Brielle wants you to know that she thinks your baby is so stinkin' cute!!! He is getting so big Sarah! and getting cuter by the second! His little Church outfit is adorable!

Denisse said...

I think you can say that we really think Harrison is so cute! I was reading a previous comment from us, where Brielle said the same thing!! ha ha!!!! :)


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