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Monday, December 31, 2012

Project Baby: 24 Weeks Old & A First Christmas

Christmas Eve and Christmas were great days, but hard days on Harrison. In fact, the past week or so since I've been out of school have been hard on him! On Thursday of last week, my sister, Nicole, and I went shopping to Target and some other places in the area after my chiropractor appointment. It ended up taking us forever! Harrison didn't nap the whole time (5 hours from his last nap... usually he doesn't go more than 2 hours in between naps) until he got so exhausted at the end, he just zonked out in Ben Franklin! Unfortunately, he only slept 20 minutes and then woke up SCREAMING in the car until I could nurse him and get him in his bed. Poor guy!

Well, the weekend was no different because we went to grandma's to make Christmas cookies on Saturday (December 22nd), Holly's birthday dinner at Evan's parents on Sunday (23rd), and then Christmas Eve at Oma's on Monday (24th). He took a late "nap" at Oma's house but didn't end up getting into bed until midnight at home. Evan and I were both SO exhausted! Christmas Day wasn't any better. He napped at 3 different houses and we were at 4 different houses, including at home. I felt so bad for the poor kid. He woke up 5 times in the night on Christmas night. That's why on Wednesday (which is actually the day I'm beginning this post), he was SO exhausted and has slept so much today! I feel so bad for him.

  • Rolled over again this week (for the second time) on Wednesday from laying on his back to laying on his front. I was just changing him in his room and he was playing with his rings and was rolled to his side and surprised himself by just rolling all the way over. He looks so cute doing it!
  • On Christmas Eve, Evan and I gave Harrison his first taste of food... an orange! He made the funniest, disgusted face when he first tried it, but then he ended up liking it!
  • Opened his first present on Christmas at his grandma's house! As can be expected, he LOVED the wrapping paper the best. I bought him a book for Christmas but bought shiny wrapping paper for him in the dollar section of Target last week so he'd actually enjoy opening it! Maybe we're bad parents, but we didn't give the present to him on Christmas because I didn't get time/energy to wrap it up. In fact, we still haven't given it to him. Not like he knows the difference yet! :)
  • The past few weeks, I've been letting Harrison gnaw on the "straw" part of  my water bottle. Well, on Wednesday, he saw me sucking on it and tried to pull the water bottle away from me and put it in his mouth. I can tell he is recognizing it was something he knows. It's amazing that he remembers it and knows he likes to suck on it!
  • Thursday morning, I jumped in the shower and had Harrison lay on his play mat next to the bath tub. Every minute or so, I peeked out at him to make sure he was still happy. Well, I was surprised to find on one of the times that I checked that he had completely turned himself around and was facing the opposite way! Still not sure how did it... and so fast! But, he has been turning himself nearly sideways in his bed in the night. He wakes himself up because his head hits the railing of his crib! Silly guy!
  • On Friday, I sat Harrison at my feet while I went to the bathroom and to my surprise, he stayed sitting up on his own! He kept doing it over the weekend and would catch himself with his arms if he started to lean. He hasn't perfected it yet, but sure is getting stronger and doing better!
  • Harrison still isn't very interested in rolling over. Mostly, he likes to remained balance when he's doing his tummy time and when he's laying on his back, he doesn't mind laying on his side, but doesn't care so much about rolling over. Mostly, he just wants to play with his toes and suck on his toes! This weekend, he started sucking quickly back and forth from one foot to the other while I change him.
  • One thing I forgot to mention last week is that he started doing this thing with his lips. He pouts out his lips, blows bubbles and complains a little bit. It looks so funny!
  • Another funny thing Harrison is doing is gripping our arms/legs with his legs. If he is laying down and I put my arm on his body, he will wrap his feet around my arm. He also does this when he is sitting on our knees, sometimes making it hard to move him. Such a funny guy.
  • Harrison new favorite thing is to stand up! He LOVES standing up now. He seems quite proud of himself when he stands up too. I can't believe how tall and big he is getting. I'm not tall, but it's amazing that my 5 month old baby is almost half my height!

This towel holder was empty and Harrison was eyeing it. Evan let him grab hold of it and Harrison held himself up!

First taste of food... an orange on Christmas Eve

With Oma on Christmas Eve

 My cousin's daughter, Maddie, threw up on Christmas Eve and fell asleep like this!

Harrison with his cousin, Megan, on Christmas day. Megan LOVES Harrison!

Opening his first present!

At the Blad's house

Playing with his Aunt Zaza

Another new favorite... sitting on dad's head or shoulders

Love this smile!

Pulled the blanket down on himself... he looks so adorable!

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