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Monday, December 24, 2012

Project Baby: 23 Weeks Old

Love our little sweetie, even if he is being a stinker napping at his grandma's house! I feel so bad that he's struggling and I'm not sure what I can do to help him. Thankfully, I only had to work 2.5 days this week. It was still hard to know that my mother-in-law couldn't get anything done because he wouldn't nap AND it was hard knowing that my little sweetie pie is exhausted. That kid!

23 week thoughts:
  • Harrison went in the snow for the first time this week! When I got home from work on Monday, I saw Evan and Harrison on the front porch (Evan got out of school early and picked him up for me at his parents) because the snow was just starting to fall and Evan wanted Harrison to see it! It was so cute that Evan was so excited about it. Well, it just kept snowing and the next morning, when we were all up at 5:30, we bundled Harrison up in his snow outfit from my sister and took him out into the snow for the first time! He even made his first snow angel. :) He wasn't super excited about it, but did like looking at all the white everywhere. He could tell something was different!
  • Has been sucking in his bottom lip to gnaw on it.
  • He grabs so much at EVERYTHING. He was already doing this, but now he is purposefully grabbing at things that get his attention.
  • He LOVES sitting up! In fact, he will get sick of laying down and will start to get a little fussy. The second I sit him up, he's happy again! Funny guy. He also burps so much better while sitting up. Usually, I'll sit him up right after nursing and he'll burp immediately. YAY!
  • One morning this week, I was changing Harrison's diaper and he was making a funny noise. I started laughing. He stopped making the noise and started smiling and laughing at me, which made me laugh more which made him laugh more... and on it went! It was so cute and hilarious. He LOVES when I laugh and smile at him. He smiles and laughs right back. It melts my heart every time.
  • This boy LOVES to rock and roll from side to side. In fact, the past week or so he's been moving in his crib in the night (and not even just in his crib... anywhere really!). We'll lay him down to sleep and then when he wakes him, his head sometimes is against the crib rails instead of in the middle of the bed. It makes me laugh! Before we know it, this kid is going to be on-the-go getting into everything. So grateful we're not at that stage yet! My house still isn't quite baby proof.
  • Speaking of rolling from side to side- I keep thinking this boy will roll over again from his back to his front. But, no! He only did it the one time on his 5 month birthday. I want Evan to see him do it, but I guess he'll be doing it ALL THE TIME before we know it!
  • For some reason, the past week has been TERRIBLE for him sleeping at night. I'm not sure what the heck is going on, but I am exhausted. In fact, exhausted doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. He is acting like a newborn again waking up several times in the night. I want my 8-10 hours of baby free hours back. I'm thinking part of it is because of teething, but it could be a growth spurt or who knows what else! I'm seriously considering giving him oatmeal cereal at night before he goes to bed. However, he really doesn't seem super interested in food. He likes to watch us eat and is noticing that we're putting things in our mouths. On Saturday, he used both of his hands to grab my hand and try to force my sandwich into his mouth. So funny! I think he's doing it just because he wants to suck on whatever is in our hands, not necessarily because he wants to eat what we have. I could be wrong, though!

Celebrating my birthday with Evan's family at our house

I had to post this semi-blurry picture because Harrison's eyes look hilarious!

Harrison's first snow!

He looks exhausted and semi-crazy from this angel, but you can see the snowflakes on his head.

5:30am the next day... Harrison didn't know what to make of the snow!

I had to throw this one in because those are the eyes he makes after the flash goes off.

His first snow angel... he wasn't too pleased about this because snowflakes were going all over his face.

The after-math

That little sweetie face fell asleep next to me during the first couple of days of my Christmas break

Look at that adorable face! Can't get enough of it!

Yes, this one is slightly blurry, but I couldn't help taking pictures of this adorable guy trying to capture how perfect his little face is! Seriously, probably the cutest baby I've ever personally seen, not that I'm biased! :)

Crazy bedhead!

Loves grabbing his feet

I told Evan that Harrison needed a long-sleeve shirt on to go to bed. This was Evan's solution because he was too lazy to put it on under his pants. Ha!

Love this smiley, happy face! :)

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