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Monday, December 10, 2012

Project Baby: 21 Weeks Old

Well, this week was a stressful one with our little sweetie boy! He started getting EVEN MORE off his nap schedule and this time with his Grandma while I was gone at work. Typically, if he's going to have a hard time napping, he'll have a hard time napping when he's at home. But, no... he started at Grandma's house too! On Monday, my mother-in-law actually was waiting at my house for me because Harrison had been crying so much at her house and was inconsolable! Thursday, he pretty much cried all day and wouldn't nap. Poor guy! Friday, I decided to take the day off so I could take him to the doctor just to make sure the little sweetie wasn't sick. Thankfully, he wasn't sick. Not thankfully, he is teething. WHAT?! Okay, I know the kid is almost 5 months old, but really? Teething already?! So not ready for this. Teeth and nursing. I see pain in my near future.

So grateful that I had a good three-day weekend home with our sweetie boy and that he started getting a little better. We ended up giving him some baby Tylenol a couple times for the pain and he started sleeping a little better. This guy!

News this week:
  • At his appointment on Friday, he weighed 16 pounds, 8 ounces. He gained 14 ounces in a little over 3 weeks. Apparently, my breast milk is straight up cream! :) Since he was born 9 pounds 3 ounces, he still hasn't doubled his birth weight, but probably will in the near future.
  • As you can imagine, the little sweetie is chomping like crazy on our fingers, his Schnuli, and pretty much anything he can get his mouth on!
  • It's been so fun to see how much our little boy  is interacting more and more. He and I play little tickle games when I change his diaper where I tickle his legs and his arm pits. I love his giggles and when he talks to me! He loves babbling with me and it makes me happy.
  • Because of his crazy, no-napping schedule at grandma's, our little guy came home exhausted and started going to bed early. Granted, that just meant this week that he woke up several times throughout the night as well. Man, exhausting week!
  • Harrison LOVES his dad. He gives his dad a huge smile every time he sees him. It is so cute! Sometimes, Evan will be busy doing homework and won't notice Harrison and I coming in to see him. Harrison will just smile and stare at Evan until he looks up at him! So cute! They are little play buddies and it makes me so happy to see how much Evan loves our little sweetie!
  • Lately, Harrison has been doing little half smiles that are adorable. It's like a little smirk and is so cute! Love it! :)
  • Harrison LOVES sitting up. He keeps trying to sit up from laying down. It cracks me up watching him do baby crunches.
  • Harrison met Santa for the first time on Friday. True to Harrison form, he grabbed Santa's fake beard so tight, he actually started pulling it off. We had to carefully get the fake beard hairs out of his fingers so as not to reveal Santa's true person to the other kids around. So funny!
  • The second we take off his diaper, Harrison immediately grabs his feet. It is SO adorable! It's funny too, because I have a tough time getting him to unbend his legs long enough so that I can get his diaper put on.

Teething sadness... notice my gnawed on finger that is dripping in his saliva

Love this shirt he inherited from his cousin!

Couldn't even get his shirt all the way on without him sticking part of it in his mouth to gnaw on

I love how he grabs his feet!

1st time meeting Santa

You can't see it here, but Harrison has a DEATH GRIP on Santa's beard.

More teething

I was playing some Christmas music for Harrison. It was the first time he sat on my lap at the piano.

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