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Saturday, December 15, 2012

31 Years

A poem I had swirling in my head as I tearfully rocked my baby to sleep last night, 31 years from the evening I was born.

31 years ago
I was someone's baby.
Someone had awaited my arrival and held me dear
Two people loved me enough to call me an angel
And I was their angel
31 years ago
I was loved as much as a couple can love their newborn child
I was kissed
I was hugged
I was held
I was special
To those two people, I was the most precious baby in the world
31 years
I long for that closeness
I long for their touch
I long for them to hold my baby 31 years later
I know they are close.
Sometimes so close I can almost feel those arms around me again
Holding me tight
Loving me
Proud of the daughter they had high hopes for
31 years later

1 comment:

Denisse said...

I love this Sarah! Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. It made me shed a few tears. Your baby is so blessed to have a mommy like you!

P.S. Brielle is a fan of your baby! She wants you to know that "he is so stinkin' cute"!!!! ha ha!:)



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