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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Project Baby: 17 Weeks Old

Thoughts on 17 Weeks:
  • Harrison had his first real LAUGH with me last week (he’s laugh before, but this was a REAL belly laugh) when I was kissing his cheeks, but this week he had a little laughing session with Evan’s mom and has done lots of laughs with us too. I love to try to get him to laugh! He is a really ticklish kid, but only does a few little laughs with us when we tickle him. He likes when you make funny noises and bop his mouth with the burp rag.
  • Harrison makes the funniest high-pitched squeaking sounds. It’s so funny! We really need to catch it on video. Usually he squeaks as a little happy squeak.
  • Our little guy is starting to like tummy time better and is getting so good at it. The past few weeks, he’ll actually SMILE and talk when doing tummy time, something he wasn’t so happy about a month ago!
  • Harrison holds onto your fingers so tight you can pull him up.
  • Oddly enough, Evan and I both figured out separately that Harrison wants to fall asleep on our shoulders rather than being cradled. Funny thing is, we both starting doing this on our own this week and it wasn’t until we noticed the other one doing it that we realized that we both started it this week.
  • Harrison is so aware of people being around him. He always has been, but it’s amazing how each day he gets more and more aware of who is there. He still LOVES when people talk to him. He lights up when people talk to him! He also loves holding little babbling conversations. It’s so adorable!
  • He’s been grabbing more and more at toys, blankets, etc. He is very aware of what is touching him and around him. The second you put blankets, burp rags, etc. on his tummy, he grabs for them. Of course, this also goes for my hair. I’ve been losing HANDFULS of hair the past couple of months anyway, but Harrison is not helping with the grabbing of the hair. Evan doesn’t want me to, but I REALLY want to chop off my hair (what little I have left).
  • The last few weeks, he’s been lifting up his legs and slamming them down. He is making a thump so loud, you can hear it on the other side of the house. He’s also started doing this in his bed. When we hear those thumps over the baby monitor, we know he is definitely awake!
  • Harrison and I went on a couple walks last week (once with Daddy too!) and he loved it. He was so calm the whole time just looking around. We put him in the stroller that goes with his car seat, but didn’t put the car seat with him (he HATES his car seat and spits up every time we put him in it). He’s still too small for the stroller, we it worked fine for him.
  • He’s wearing a range of sizes of clothes. Some of his 3-6 month clothes are too small. Some are just right and even some of his 6 month clothes are now too small! The jammies are usually the ones that get smallest the fastest. His 3-6 month pants are just about right. For now.
  • Harrison and I get a 4-day weekend together and then I only am teaching 2 days the next week and 3 half-days the week after! YAY! So grateful to spend some time at home with my little sweet boy!
  • Crazy enough… I’m down 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. Granted, I think a huge part of that is that I’ve lost muscle not because I’ve necessarily lost fat. Still, it’s crazy to see a weight on the scale that I haven’t seen in a few years! YAY for breastfeeding! 

Grabbing his rings... he likes to chew on them too!


Love the drool dripping off of his mouth in this picture!

Love the way he looks at his dad! :) He sure loves his papa!


La Vita Bella said...

I cannot wait to hold this little guy! He is seriously SO adorable and a little mini you! I'm for sure coming the 30th! Can't wait to see you. Thanks for his cute update. :)

Denisse said...

have i mentioned how stinkin' ADORABLE, CUTE, SQUEEZABLE I think your baby is Sarah? I can't come up with enough adjectives! He is one precious little baby!


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