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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Picture Update: November 24th to November 30th

Harrison hiding with the honey behind the kennel door. This guy LOVES honey and will scour the kitchen to find where it is hidden so he can eat out of it.

I tried to see if Jack would cuddle next to me. He LOVED it!

With his cake pop at Target... I cannot remember why the look of consternation, but it cracks me up!

One of the book racks set up for my book open house

Took both boys to Costco with me on Tuesday, the day of the party. BIG MISTAKE! It was insane and a zoo going to Costco two days before Thanksgiving and both of them were SO ornery. OH, and I bought a folding table that kept falling out of the cart as the rain was soaking us!

It was really fun to have the books in the rack so we could see the covers and choose more easily what we want to read! :)

Evan put up the Christmas lights on Wednesday this week. As we were leaving the house, Harrison looks so cute with his hands in his pockets just standing on the stairs! Love this boy! :)

Reading behind a wall of books (on racks) with daddy! What a lucky boy to be surrounded by hundreds of books! That is why he is such a smartie! ;)

Family walk around Deep Lake the day after Thanksgiving

On Saturday, my friend, Angie Adam, and I put together a holiday craft and vendor show. As we were all unloading our cars, a literal blizzard blew in! No joke... from no snow to this in no time!

Our book display: I think it turned out well! :)

Every time Harrison gets in the bath, Jack wants to jump in too! That, or drink ALL of the water. This puppy LOVES water!

Sunday morning brownies (Evan made them for a coworker's birthday). Harrison licked the spoon CLEAN and the proceeded to wipe his hands all over his jammies!

Harrison and Jack both LOVED playing in the snow Saturday and Sunday! Seriously, they both went crazy and are probably both glad that it's still FREEZING today so that they can continue playing in it tomorrow too! ;)

Playing in the snow at Zeke's house

Watching Rudolph with Zeke while Angie helped me make our family Christmas card

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We started out our Thanksgiving day by having Evan's dad take some family pictures of us. What I REALLY want to do is get our family pictures done annually. However, I hadn't scheduled anything and we needed a picture for our Christmas card... THUS, the following pictures ensued.

I love that face!

This one totally cracks me up! ;)

Can you tell that Harrison is teething? (AKA getting in his 2-year-old molars)

After Thanksgiving at Evan's parents' house, we went to my sister's house for a Thanksgiving feast over there. It was great to be with everyone, especially Oma. We went through the photo book of Oma's life that Zandy and Nicole did (I did help a little bit with it too). It was really neat to go through it with everyone there and to see all of the pictures in the flesh from the book.


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