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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Picture Update: October 20th to October 26th

Did a preschool book fair this week... still waiting to see how sales turn out! But, I definitely learned a lot through this process! :)

Went on a walk with my brother and Harrison and saw this flume on the way. I liked this scene and Google+ fancied it up automatically for me.

Oma writing down the poems Granpa quoted to her the day they met. 

Emma's birthday cake made my Oma in her "Kügelhupf" pan.

Coloring on the pumpkin to keep him busy so I could do the dishes. NOT pictured: green marker all over his mouth.

Helping daddy cook

Playing with trucks at the thrift store... the guy was in HEAVEN!

At Ben Franklin, Harrison had a mini cart. As he was walking, he found the jelly beans and just started piling them ALL in this cart as fast as he could! This boy is seriously a SUGAR FIEND!

On the counter dipping his banana in peanut butter. Like mother, like son.

I left the couch covers off for a few days and Harrison suddenly realized that he could remove the cushions and PLAY (read: jump) on the couch! You better believe that I put the cushions back on shortly after this picture (and a video) was taken.

Evan's sister, Holly, had a baby boy and we went to meet little Kyler. Such a sweetie!

Harrison loved holding his cousin

David woke up early and fell asleep on the couch. The boys were trying to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer while Zandy and I worked on Oma's book and David would NOT wake up. This picture cracks me up.

Harrison has been really into stickers recently. He put one on Jack's head and then his own head and thought he was SO funny! ;)

At puppy training class

27 Months Old

It's hard to believe that Harrison is already 3 months into being two-years-old. He is growing up before my eyes! Everyday, he blows me away with his intelligence, thought processes, and speech capabilities. Even though some days can be SO rough with a toddler who throws at least one tantrum a day (in fact, if we only got through the day with ONE tantrum, that would be awesome), Harrison is a really sweet boy who gives the best hugs I have ever had! I am overcome with joy every time he throws his pudgy arms around me and squeezes so tight. I love him so much, and, even on the hard days, I am so blessed and grateful to be his mom.

Here are a few things that he has been doing recently:
  • Harrison's speech is truly astounding. I mean, seriously, he speaks better than any child I know of his age (or even older children!). I know that I am his mother and you can saw that as such I am prone to be biased, but seriously... the boy is able to articulate and remember SO many things beyond what I feel he should know or comprehend at this age. For example, just today his cousin watched him for a little bit and he told me later all about what they had done, what they ate, and how "Joshie wouldn't let me take the cushions off the couch when I wanted to do it." He notices everything and doesn't forget ANYTHING either! ;)
  • One reason he could be such a verbal child is that we do NOT speak to him like he is a baby (never have) and we read for usually around an hour or so daily a variety of books usually above any that kids his age read. His cousin who is a year and a half older came over and couldn't finish a book with us that we read often. Harrison LOVES reading and begs me to read multiple times a day.
  • Harrison has been BEGGING us to build with him recently. He LOVES building with legos and playing with this wooden toy trains he has. He begs us by saying, "Mama (or Daddy), PLEASE can you build with me?" OR "Build with me!" It breaks my heart when I have to say no to clean or do something else. Who can say no to a child who so desperately wants to spend time playing with you? I know that Harrison wishes he had a playmate and I do forego my other duties as often as I can to be able to play with him... this is a good reminder to do it even more often! ;)
  • When something happens, Harrison will say "Somebody wouldn't let me eat sugar." I am the one who didn't let him eat sugar and he is tattling on me to me. ;) He says stuff like that all the time and it really cracks me up. He actually recently started saying, "Nobody wouldn't let me do that."
  • Unfortunately, Harrison has started hitting me (and others) recently when he doesn't like something that was done or said. I am sometimes at a loss at how to teach him that this is inappropriate. Time outs work for only so long... we're working on it!
  • Harrison also has started pouting. He puts his head down and in a corner (if he can find one!) when we say something that he doesn't like. It's funny and sad all at the same time.
  • Harrison has been doing pretty well sleeping in his bed at night... THANK GOODNESS! He is finally sleeping through the night with waking up in the middle of the night only once a month or so and goes back to bed easily. He does wake up at 5 or 6 a couple times a week and crawls into bed with us and goes back to sleep for another hour. He always comes and cuddles in our bed after he wakes up, though. I stopped nursing him in the morning when he wakes up a while back (probably a month ago or so), so he sometimes wants coconut milk in the morning if he is ornery.
  • Speaking of... I really need to wean him the rest of the way. He is honestly BARELY getting any milk (if any at all) and I only nurse him for a few minutes on each side before his nap and before bed. In some ways, I haven't weaned him because I like that break in my day of relaxing for a little bit to nurse him before he naps. It's nice to have him cuddle with me, something he won't do once he stops nursing. BUT... I'm not really producing milk for him any more anyway and I just need to cut him off all the way since I'm barely nursing him (especially at night) anyway. If you would have asked me two years ago if I would have thought I would have nursed him this long, I would have though it was IMPOSSIBLE and that you were crazy! You just never know how life and your opinions will change! ;)

Visit to Oma's

Today, my sisters and I had the opportunity to go visit my Oma SANS KIDS to ask her questions about family history. Josh stayed at the house while Harrison napped and played with him when he woke up until Paul came and got them both. Evan works evenings, so I couldn't have gone with Harrison if Josh hadn't have helped. AND... had I gone WITH Harrison, I never would have been able to hear any of what Oma had to say.

I always love hearing her stories and getting to know more about our family history. I learned so much today that I didn't know and much that I was also reminded of. My sisters and I (mostly Zandy who started this book) are working to put together a book of Oma's old pictures and about her life, including pictures of all of our families. It was so priceless to have her tell us certain stories about her own life and the lives of our ancestors. She is turning 95 in a few weeks and who knows realistically how much longer we will all have to ask her these questions!

I feel so blessed to have my Oma in my life. I am always learning from her and her outlook on life! She is such a positive person who works so hard daily to take care of her two sons who live with her. I have not ONCE seen her house messy, yet she cooks 3 meals a day for 3 people! She never quits and never gives up. She always thinks positively and rationally about things that I would probably get upset and cry about... AND, she is one of the MOST talented people I've ever known! Someday, after much hard work, I hope to be like Oma!

One thing I wanted to share is something she told Nicole and I this week at Emma's birthday party on Monday. Oma mentioned last week about the day my mother died. She said that as she was driving to our house to meet up with my mom (not knowing that my mom had gotten in a car accident), she felt impressed to thank Heavenly Father for hard things knowing that they are the way that we are able to prove ourselves in this life and to grow. Shortly thereafter she got to our house and found out that my mom had gotten in a car accident. She said she knows she was inspired to thank Heavenly Father for hard things for the first time in her life before such a difficult trial. My Oma is a very faithful person and truly has her prayers answered in seemingly small, yet truly miraculous ways. I am very grateful for my Oma who teaches me so much through her love, service, and faith.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Picture Update: October 13th to October 19th

Harrison's favorite bench at the library

Reading in our reading corner

Building at Mikey's house

In Jack's kennel with no shirt and his dump truck... this boy!

So excited to help mom clean the windows... I wish it would always be like this! ;)

And STILL excited to vacuum!

Harrison has been a little naughty with purposefully making messes... he threw oatmeal all over the floor and then proceed to scatter it as fast as possible all over the carpet and wood floor. Then, after watching Jack licking it up, he decided he wanted to lick it up off the floor too. THIS BOY! I have a sneaky suspicion that this is karma coming back to me for how crazy I was as a kid!

He loves getting in Jack's kennel

Dressed as a pirate at his friend, Zeke's, birthday party... in spite of no nap, he loved it. Because of no nap, I did NOT love it and had to chase him around and keep him from getting into trouble pretty much the whole time. NOT FUN.

All the kids at the birthday party

Saying goodbye to Ayla leaving on her mission to the Phillipines

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Picture Update: October 6th to October 12th

At our Usborne monthly team meeting, we had author Bernadette Russell come and answer questions about her book. Such a wonderful book and wonderful premise!

Measuring the book ;) Such a boy!

That is hummus on his hair and crackers smashed all over the counter and the floor. Typical.

We went to visit Daddy to bring him some dinner since he didn't have time to make anything before he left to school (and then had to go straight to work).

Building with dad... everyday he begs us to play with him by saying "BUILD with me. Please BUILD with me!"

He is getting SO BIG!

This week for our Family Home "Evening," (ours was morning), we carved and painted pumpkins.


I did my first booth this weekend.

Helping Dad make cinnamon rolls... of course he had to taste test along the way!

Happy 31st birthday, Zandy! :)


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