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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Picture Update: August 18th to August 24th

Harrison snuck the rest of the zucchini bread over to the stairs to eat it. When this kid gets hungry, he eats! :)

Harrison and Mikey playing with Papa DeVon's ice cream maker

Two boys chowing down on salty ice

Saying goodbye to Maria before she left to college the next day

Playing at Deep Lake with Daddy

Helping us cook

It cracked me up how he was riding on the grocery cart in WINCO like this! :)

We went swimming for the first time at our local swimming pool and Harrison LOVED it. Evan took his Scout troupe swimming so the only downside is that Harrison wanted to swim with his Daddy more than he ended up being able to. C'est la vie! This is our little sweetie hiding in the lockers after I got him dressed.

Biked to the library and he couldn't wait to start reading the book as I unlocked the bike.

Helping Daddy pressure wash the cracks in the driveway

I cut up some pears for Harrison and I ate one or two pieces. He decided he wanted to eat it all himself and carried as many as he could into his arms to keep me from being able to eat anymore. Silly!

After months of searching (Evan searching!), we decided to get a puppy. We are really excited about it! Harrison LOVES him and keeps asking every day when we get to bring Jack home. We are bringing him home in a few weeks when he turns 8 weeks old! :)

Without knowing, I happen to check out one of Evan's childhood favorites ("Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel") at the library. Harrison wants us to read it over and over again! 

Helping weed out the cracks in the driveway with Daddy

Silly boy put this (clean) rag on his head as a hat and wanted to read with it on his head.

Helping his Dad caulk the cracks in the driveway... can you tell this was Evan's project this week?

Look at that handsome boy!

Love that little silly face! :)

Eating breakfast and reading with Daddy

Opening up a birthday present from Grandma... musical instruments! So excited!

My brother, David, Harrison and I went on a walk to the water to throw rocks after Sunday dinner at his Grandparents' house.

When we got home from dinner, Harrison saw the remaining caulk and wanted to get to work the second he got out of the car. Funny boy! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Picture Update: August 11th to August 17th

This boy LOVES playing with water!

I've really been working with him to add in arts/crafts. He really loves painting. We have fun painting together 1-2 a week. Sometimes he can stay focused longer than others, but I still think it's important to show him new things!

Evan took this picture of some artichokes I was steaming. We got them at our ward party last weekend.

I took Harrison to swim at Mud Mountain Dam after I got him the same floaties he used in Oregon last week. Swimming with them was a hit! He seriously had a BLAST, as depicted below. :)

Playing in the little play house at Mud Mountain Dam... he loves this place AND loves to poop there. Well, he did twice in the same week!

Harrison and I went on a date to get sorbet "ice cream." He loved it and our date. I really try to spend as much time with him as I can one-on-one. I know that someday I won't be able to give as much time to him as I can now.

Reading before bed... has a few of his truck books gathered around him! ;)

Playing at his cousin's house

I found some new construction and tractor books at the library. Harrison plopped down right there and was immovable for a while until he looked through the majority of them!

Helping me mop

I got out Harrison's crib mattress to use as a slide for his cars so that I could get some cleaning done. Later, when dad came home, he had a different way to use it as a slide! Harrison was in heaven! :)

We got to see children's author, Eric Ode, perform at the library on Thursday. I was SO excited because Usborne publishes two of his books, which happen to be two of Harrison's favorite books!

Eric signed one of Harrison's books!

I found another new tractor book at the library... 
meant for adults, but engaging for this tractor-loving two-year-old! :)

Coloring was short-lived... but still fun for him. He does well when I color with him, but I was trying to make dinner while he colored. ;)

He started calling this spot next to his bed his "cave" and puts his pillow up so he can hide in his cave. I found him sneaking a granola bar and eating it in his cave!

Wanted to wear Daddy's new headphones and mow the lawn just like Daddy!

Harrison gets just as excited about book shipments as I do! :)

Playing on the bed during a trip to IKEA with his cousin, Emma.

Giving his cousin, Benjamin, a favorite Usborne book for his birthday at Mud Mountain Dam.

Playing at the park with his cousin, Noah's, trucks for Noah's birthday party.

Noah and Harrison swimming

He and Noah were so obsessed with racing trucks around and around the grass. It made me so happy that they play together so well! :)

Noah and Harrison hid under the table with their trucks

Mikey and Harrison playing

Harrison getting food from "Papa DeVon"

He loved his cupcake but just wanted to stare at the truck on the picture for a while before slowly licking the frosting off the cupcake and then savoring small bites until he was done. Silly boy!

Harrison LOVES this body book!

Harrison reading and Leena playing at Grandma's house

On our walk to throw rocks

Looking with Grandma at the motorcycles in the back of a truck


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