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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Picture Update: October 6th to October 12th

At our Usborne monthly team meeting, we had author Bernadette Russell come and answer questions about her book. Such a wonderful book and wonderful premise!

Measuring the book ;) Such a boy!

That is hummus on his hair and crackers smashed all over the counter and the floor. Typical.

We went to visit Daddy to bring him some dinner since he didn't have time to make anything before he left to school (and then had to go straight to work).

Building with dad... everyday he begs us to play with him by saying "BUILD with me. Please BUILD with me!"

He is getting SO BIG!

This week for our Family Home "Evening," (ours was morning), we carved and painted pumpkins.


I did my first booth this weekend.

Helping Dad make cinnamon rolls... of course he had to taste test along the way!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Picture Update: September 29th to October 5th

I decided at the beginning of this week to take some time to try some new activities with Harrison in order to teach and engage him. One of the activities I saw used shaving cream. I bought little animals and hid them in it. I put a container of water in there so that he could wash off the animals as he found them and figure out which animal he had found. He LOVED this activity, but it was SUCH a disaster. Had I to do it again, I would have done it on a warm day outside where he could easily just hose off and I could hose off everything outside. As it was, I ended up hosing down his high chair anyway! :) He had a great time and has since enjoyed playing with his new animals in his bath.

We haven't read on his favorite bench at the library for a while. When I asked him if he wanted to read there, he jumped at the chance! :)

And then, of course, boys will be boys!

Reading with Daddy at bed time...

Peeking over the fence to talk to me

Another activity that was a total FAIL... I had marshmallow cream and powdered sugar with some spices... WAY TOO STICKY and WAY too sweet! I will not be doing THAT activity again!

Playing at the park with his cousin...

Playing at the park while I chatted on the phone...

He always wants to be right by us... even if it means sleeping on the hardwood floors rather than on his soft bed or in his soft kennel!

Playing with Mikey on Josh's birthday

Playing at the Supermall... it was Harrison's first time ever clothes shopping!

Harrison found a chair to wait... I gave him a box of mints to hold and that got him to sit still while we finished picking out clothes.

Painting a card for his Grandma's birthday.

Grandma's birthday celebration!

Bath with his cousin

Thursday, October 02, 2014

October 2014 Pumpkin Patch

Ever since I started seeing pumpkins in stores in September, I REALLY wanted to take Harrison to a pumpkin patch. I held out until October 2nd, though! :) We went to the same place we went to last year, Tracy's Produce. Harrison loved pulling the wagon (naturally). Evan said that Harrison could pick out whatever pumpkin he could pick up and put in the wagon. In the end, we helped him a little bit. We had intended to carve/paint them the day we got them, but that didn't happen. Either way, it was a fun little family outing in lieu of family night. :)

His top broke off of his pumpkin

This is Harrison's current smile. ;)

Love my happy boy!

Giving mama kisses...

Looking sad when we told him we had to get off the hay wagon


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