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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Picture Update: September 22nd to September 28th

We gave Jack his first bath since he came to our house. He wasn't a super big fan of it... are dogs ever fans of baths?

Family walk... well, kind of. Mostly me pushing Harrison and Evan walking with Jack who has NO idea how to walk on a leash. So glad we are starting puppy training classes SOON!

Jack DEFINITELY prefers Evan and knows that Evan is the alpha male. Instead, Jack just wants to nip at me and hump me (the last few days anyway). I am still not super stoked about having a puppy, but I have glimpses of feeling like it was a good decision. He is a sweet puppy, although the nipping at my clothes is something I could do without. Funny thing is, he doesn't do it to anyone else but me and Harrison (rarely). Due to the humping situation, I think our next dog will be female. In other news... I love Harrison's laugh in this picture. He has been jutting out his bottom chin for some reason and it cracks me up!

Every time we cook, Harrison LOVES being a part of it. This week, it was getting a little too hard for Evan to do what he needed to do with the mess Harrison was making everywhere so we found a solution! Why does this boy loves flour so? He actually likes to eat it "raw" like that too, silly guy!

This was a little project we did together this week. I thought Harrison would love being able to use scissors (first time he's really been allowed to), so we made a pumpkin mosaic. He also had fun using the glue, although he didn't quite grasp the concept right away that you don't touch the sticky side of the paper as you're trying to glue it down. Either way, we had a fun time and hopefully it was a good learning experience! :)

This is what he did when Evan told him to smile. There he is jutting out his chin again! :)

I won a digital photo frame from Usborne! :)

This guy seriously was cracking me up hiding under clothes I put on the stairs to get out of the dog's reach (that I needed to put away). Love that little eye peeking out!

Some eggplant I picked this week... Harrison "helped" pick the baby one (AKA picked it without asking). We ate it in chicken fajitas with homemade hummus. SO YUMMY!

We took David to the bank and Harrison begged to get out so he could see the diggers.

A carrot I picked... this thing cracks me up!

Harrison WAS supposed to be in this picture. It was cute how both he and Evan were petting Jack so cute, but then Harrison ran off just as I started taking this. C'est la vie!

Love this little boy and that floppy-eared puppy!

I cut Harrison's hair and let him eat chocolate chips (and eventually a sucker) and he got to watch "Peter Pan." I still have to trim up a few parts, but this was as good as I was able to get with this boy!

Harrison loves to vacuum! I can only hope this will hold true when he is a teenager!

Harrison got out these two bowls and put them up to his ears saying that they were his headphones.

Deep Lake walk with my three boys

From his stroller, Harrison saw the only (TINY!) huckleberry left on a huckleberry bush. 
He had to get out to pick it!

Harrison rode like this for a little while. Not pictured is Harrison standing up facing me just like that. Silly boy! He always keeps us on our toes!

Throwing rocks in the water.

That face gets me every time... love my boy so much!

Giving me a flower... not sure about Evan's picture-taking abilities here. ;)

Harrison wanted to be the horsey, so Evan pretended to ride. 
That little tongue sticking out cracks me up.

Helped Daddy build a fire today (BEFORE it was lit... we promptly closed and locked the gate!)

Rough Seas

Today has been SUCH a rough day. My temper was boiling just under the surface off and on all day long. It all started with Harrison waking me up last night in the middle of the night. NO, it starts back before that. I've been staying up too late the past few months. I am a workaholic and throw myself 500% into something I'm working on without giving myself a balance. Whenever Harrison is asleep, I am working on Usborne stuff. Do I need to spend that much time on it? No! Am I actually productive during the time that I'm working? Mostly... but a lot of the little tasks I take time to do are not lucrative and are unnecessary.

Going to bed too late is wearing on me and the having a puppy who nips at me sometimes and is NOW trying to hump me, not to mention having Evan's alarm clock go off and wake me up early is wearing on me too. Most days, I'm fine. But, today, Harrison was SO ornery the entire day that I felt like I could barely make it to bed time! He was hitting and kicking people, using spoons to attempt to hit the puppy, and just acting out in general. I think it was a combination of things for him: He was tired from going to bed too late, waking up in the night and tossing/turning in my bed for a few hours before I put him back into his bed, He woke up an hour or more earlier than normal. He also was gassy (unfortunately something we deal with all the time with him... fairly certain he has food allergies) and had an upset stomach. Because of all of these factors, his behavior was not normal and was terrible. He either wanted to be held all day or wanted to run around like a wild animal hitting. kicking, not eating his dinner, throwing things at people... he even hit his baby cousin, which he has NEVER done before.

Some days are just rough. I wanted to be angry at Harrison and kept fighting the urge to get upset at him. But, you know what? I tried instead to have his perspective on things. I really had to work at it, but I tried to understand WHY he was behaving like he was and help him. I thought it might be attention (probably part of it), but I realized more so that his stomach hurt and kept him from getting the rest he needed last night and kept him from behaving normally today. NOW, that isn't to say that he was right in the way he acted. But, taking the time to understand WHY he was acting a certain way helped me to be a better mom and handle discipline (time outs and removal from situations) better than I otherwise would have.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jack's First Walk Around Deep Lake

On Friday, we took a family walk around Deep Lake. It was Jack's first REAL walk and he actually did amazing on his leash considering it was about 1.5 miles! He stayed on his leash the whole time and did a great job following and keeping up with us. He didn't just sit down but kept going the whole time... which is more than I can say for the two little boys we had in tow! ;)

At the end of walk, I saw some German people and got to talk with them in German. It made me so happy and reminded me how much I miss speaking German daily! I need to practice my German more often!

Had to throw this one in because of Harrison's face! ;)

Jack... 10 weeks old!

Picture Update: September 15th to September 21st

 BUSY, BUSY week! We were able to enjoy our last school-free week before Evan starts back up with school on Monday. BOO! The past month with only working and no school has felt heavenly! Before this, Evan was working and/or going to school every day of the week with NO BREAKS and NO DAYS OFF! During that time, I was also working my tail off with Usborne to promote to team leader. Our summer was insane, so this last week together was really nice.

On Monday, we delivered the books from the book drive to the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle. Harrison has never been to McDonald's so he was actually frightened by Ronald initially.

Then a Costco run on the way home! Gotta love Costco! ;)

Evan removed his own sutures from having a second mini surgery done on the 8th to remove even more pre-cancerous tissue from a mole.

Harrison and I had a good time painting together using cookie cutters. 
Jack wanted to get our wash cloth!

And then he wanted to get the camera... every time I have the camera in my hand, Jack comes running. I can never get a decent picture of the guy! :) He is already getting so big!

Cousins playing together at my sister's house.

We went to Petco and Marshall's to get Jack some more training treats and a new dog bed. Harrison wanted to climb in the kennels. Typical.

Reading with dad...

"Daddy play with me. Daddy build with me." Oh and don't mind the no couch covers and the paper mess... chalk it up to the puppy!

Harrison's cousin came to stay for a day in between when his parents went to Spain and his grandma got back from Vegas to come watch him. As you can see, BOTH boys were clearly VERY excited about helping to fix this chain saw!

Cousins playing play doh

My friend watched Harrison for me Friday night so I could do a book party. 
We got her flowers to say thank you! :)

Before I went to a book party on Saturday morning, we went to go see Eric Ode sing at a local music & arts festival. He is a talented children's performer! :)

After I went to the book party, Evan ended up at the fire station with Harrison. He loved it! :)

Today (Sunday), we went to Oma's with David to give Zandy & Shane a break and to be able to spend some time with Oma. Unfortunately, Harrison didn't nap after church but DID nap on the way to Oma's. He was super ornery at Oma's AND his tummy hurt because of something he ate (I have a sneaky suspicion the guy has food allergies). We still managed to have a good time at Oma's regardless. Pictured below: Harrison eating one of many plums from Oma's tree.

Oma kept saying, "I love my Harrison. What a sweet boy!" as I took this picture. I love her genuine smile and love for her family. In spite of being tired, the second I called her she went to work making food and a Kuchen for us to eat when we got there! She is such a hard-worker and loving, kind person. I hope to be more like her when I grow up! ;)

On a walk near the lake... We didn't get far because Harrison wanted to be held (tummy ache) and my back was hurting. I felt so bad for his stomachache!

You can see his pushed out tummy because he was bloated and gassy. Poor guy! Thankfully, walking helped to work the gas bubbles out a little bit, which helped! My plan was a success. :)


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