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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Picture Update: November 3rd to November 9th

Sushi date with my boy... yes, he was wearing jammies. 
My stomach was hurting and I needed to not  make dinner.

Shopping at Target with my brother... Harrison got to pick out a toy with the money from giving his Halloween candy to the local orthodontist the night before. Naturally, he chose a backhoe loader with his money! ;)

My house has little bits of polyfill stuffing everywhere from Jack's chew toys... also, Jack turned 4 months this week (on Saturday)! He is getting bigger and more well-behaved everyday!

Reading with Daddy

Harrison's cousin came over to play and their play time, of course, ended with a bath. More because I needed Harrison to take a bath and knew he'd be happier doing it if his cousin were around! :)

"Baby" Alex turned 1 this week!

My Oma's advice to our family...

I cleaned out my closet (still not done) and got rid of two boxes of clothes and shoes. It's a work in progress. I hold onto too many clothes (and craft supplies)!

Harrison got a hair cut yesterday. I cut his bangs too short. We got "Bob the Builder" at the library. He had never seen it before and ended up letting me cut his hair without giving him chocolate chips for a good 15 minutes. WIN for me!

He did get chocolate chips towards the end and had a hairy, chocolately face! 

This kid LOVES making messes recently. He especially loves eating flour and spreading it everywhere. This little naughty grin melts my heart...

Visiting Daddy at work. Harrison loves putting this little key into the key hole every time we come.

Daddy put Harrison on top of this shelf thing... Silly Daddy! No wonder why Harrison loves heights and climbing on everything!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Picture Update: October 27th to November 2nd

I went upstairs to get ready, heard rustling around and then silence. I came down to find Harrison eating ICE CREAM! This boy is definitely a grab-the-bull-by-the-horns kind of a guy! Seriously... if wants to do something, he'll do it! I know it's probably karma from when I was a crazy little kid, but this guy is a HAND FULL. I can't leave him alone long (even just 20 seconds!) without him getting into something and making a bigger mess for me to clean up. This guy!

On Wednesday, we had a tri-ward trunk-or-treat proceeded by a harvest festival. Harrison dressed up as Peter Pan. We had a fun time at the beginning, although he got kind of bored or sick of it after about 15 minutes or so. It was fun to have Evan be able to come with us because he has Wednesdays off from work (for Scouts).

I dressed up as tinkerbell (albeit shoddily... the wig I borrowed from my sister didn't even fit and the skirt I was wearing was from my nieces' dress up bin!). Evan was supposed to dress up as Captain Hook and had all the stuff, but he said that the wig bugged him so he wouldn't keep it on even long enough to take pictures! That guy... he is not much of a costume person.

Love this picture of these two!

With grandma

Trying to get a picture with his Peck cousins was ridiculous!

Eating candy at the end... 

Evan using Harrison for weighlifting. Harrison though it was pretty fun! :)

The boy knows exactly what he wants to see when we go to Target. He walked RIGHT to this aisle!

Watching a video with his Aunt Coe and cousin, Benjamin

Sitting on the table at our puppy class... I can NOT get this guy to sit still during puppy training class. He is more wiggly and disobedient than the puppies! He was dressed up because right after puppy class, we went to Emily Burdette's baptism. Harrison was SUPER crazy at the baptism, but I felt the Spirit when Emily was baptized and had to try to hold back tears. What a special GIFT it is to be baptized and what a sacred responsibility we have as parents to teach and raise our children in such a way to guide them to make the choice to be baptized just like our Savior was for us.

I got Harrison a trampoline to help keep him from jumping on our furniture. This is Harrison and Evan putting it together. We couldn't find this part that Evan had hidden from Harrison who was "pooming" the ground was about to "poom" who knows what. I'm not sure the exact translation from Harrison-ize of "poom," but I'm pretty sure it means hit, spear, or skewer. Harrison can, meanwhile, speak VERY well for his age, but made up the word poom and says he is a poomer for whatever reason. At least you can't say he isn't creative!

Holding his cousin, Kyler, at Grandma's house after family dinner

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween 2014

I love Harrison's smile in this picture. He is such a cutie! Before anything else, we went to go visit Daddy at work for Halloween. Harrison loved saying "trick or treat" and getting candy from Evan's coworkers. I wanted Evan to be able to see him on Halloween, so we went to visit.

Afterwards, we went to Oma's house to see her and take pictures with all of the kids.

Every time we are with Oma, she always comments how much she loves Harrison and what a sweet, smart boy he is. I'm so grateful for a kind and loving grandmother who shows all of our families how much we mean to her, even though she never grew up that way! (Even when she was leaving Germany to immigrate to America with her family (knowing she wouldn't likely see him ever again), she told us that her father never said that he loved her. Although she says she knew it, it just wasn't the custom back then.)

He gave Oma the sweetest hug (picture below) and kiss. Usually Oma calls my sisters and I the paparazzi because we always take A MILLION pictures of her, but she mentioned after she gave him a kiss that I should have taken a picture. Go figure! :)

At Uncle Gabe and Aunt Kathy's house trick or treating. We stayed there quite some time chatting and facetiming Lisa! :)

Last place we went to was the Blad's so Pauline and DeVon could see the kids in their costumes. I wish we could have gone trick or treating to our neighbors, not because of the candy (we sold it anyway!), but because I know they look forward to seeing us on Halloween. C'est la vie! All in all, it was a good time!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Picture Update: October 20th to October 26th

Did a preschool book fair this week... still waiting to see how sales turn out! But, I definitely learned a lot through this process! :)

Went on a walk with my brother and Harrison and saw this flume on the way. I liked this scene and Google+ fancied it up automatically for me.

Oma writing down the poems Granpa quoted to her the day they met. 

Emma's birthday cake made my Oma in her "Kügelhupf" pan.

Coloring on the pumpkin to keep him busy so I could do the dishes. NOT pictured: green marker all over his mouth.

Helping daddy cook

Playing with trucks at the thrift store... the guy was in HEAVEN!

At Ben Franklin, Harrison had a mini cart. As he was walking, he found the jelly beans and just started piling them ALL in this cart as fast as he could! This boy is seriously a SUGAR FIEND!

On the counter dipping his banana in peanut butter. Like mother, like son.

I left the couch covers off for a few days and Harrison suddenly realized that he could remove the cushions and PLAY (read: jump) on the couch! You better believe that I put the cushions back on shortly after this picture (and a video) was taken.

Evan's sister, Holly, had a baby boy and we went to meet little Kyler. Such a sweetie!

Harrison loved holding his cousin

David woke up early and fell asleep on the couch. The boys were trying to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer while Zandy and I worked on Oma's book and David would NOT wake up. This picture cracks me up.

Harrison has been really into stickers recently. He put one on Jack's head and then his own head and thought he was SO funny! ;)

At puppy training class

Working on Oma's photo book SANS KIDS!


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