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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Picture Update: September 1st to September 7th

In preparation for our new puppy, Evan got a smaller kennel. Harrison approves!

This kid loves mowing the lawn and is exceptionally happy that he gets to wear his hand-me-down "headphones" from Daddy. :) 

Evan is such a good dad who always takes the time to include Harrison in his projects or work. It means so much to Harrison and he LOVES being just like his dad. A side note: Every time Harrison sees a hood open, he lets us know that the car is broken. He cracks me up. I don't know where he got that, but I'm pretty sure he logically figured out that when a hood is open, the car isn't working properly. He is a little smartie pants!

After visiting our puppy, Jack, on Tuesday, Harrison and I stopped by Daddy's work to say hi. Evan had Harrison doing pull ups on this bar. Typical.

This kid loves helping cook! Making waffles...

Jack approves of his new bed. This guy is only 8 weeks old and is already too big for the kennel we got him. Whoops! I guess we'll be moving him into the bigger kennel before we know it!

My little climber... I think Evan purposefully didn't put up the ladder so that Harrison had to climb the climbing wall every time he wanted to get to the tree house. He is raising a little rock climber! ;)

Evan and Harrison started pretending that the leftover wood from the tree house were tools for sanding and building. Harrison has been playing with them all week in the back yard. He has such a creative dad who loves playing with him and is really good about making everything fun.

Checking out some books at the library.

Best friends in the making

On Friday after the fair and Harrison's nap, we went to the park with my sister's family. Jack and Harrison both loved it!

Harrison begged his dad to read with him. The guy seriously cannot get enough of reading!

 He wanted to lay on Jack as Jack was trying to sleep.

Harrison saw Jack sleeping and went and laid down next to him. :)

Playing at yet another park... I needed to get Harrison and Jack out of the house yesterday because I was having the worst period cramps and felt so unmotivated to deal with a puppy in the house, so we went to the park again with my sister's family. I thought Harrison looked so cute eating one of our leftover scones from the fair.

Unfortunately, Jack pretty much just wanted to sleep the whole time we were there. I was hoping he would get his energy out and then come home and sleep. Having an 8-week-old puppy is like having a newborn who sleeps on his own schedule! At least potty training is going well!

Harrison seemed to be oblivious to the fact that he had drawn on his face and body. This is the risk I run when I let the kid have a marker unsupervised.

Harrison begged me to play with this book and Jack wanted to see it too.

Harrison cracks me up that he wants to be just like that when Jack is trying to sleep. Every time Jack sees the camera, he comes running right up to me.

On our walk after Sunday family dinner 

These cousins held hands and walked after one of them fell.... so cute!

Washington State Fair 2014 (AKA Puyallup Fair)

If I thought last year was so fun for Harrison at the fair, this year was even better. Thankfully, Harrison is still too little to understand that much of what we saw was purchasable so there wasn't "I want that!" at all during our time there. Also, he really didn't complain that we couldn't go on every ride he thought looked cool. Instead, he understood when we said he was too small to go on them. We did go on a few rides and had a great time. He loved the train and the merry-go-round, the two rides we went on. He also enjoyed seeing the animals and thought the petting zoo was fun. He laughed at the goats and sheep in the petting zoo when they were running away from the kids chasing them! :) All in all a successful day... even though we got in free with canned food items, it still cost us SO MUCH MONEY and we didn't even buy anything this year! Why is the fair so expensive?!

Harrison milking a fake cow... I was glad he could see in person what I have been trying to explain to him about where cow's milk come from.

He enjoyed looking at all the cows...

especially this one that surprised him by coming right up and touching her nose to Harrison's hand.

I love the dahlias! This one was as big as my head!

The have the coolest food displays that are so creative. This was one of my favorite ones!

Had to get our baker's dozen of Fisher scones... so delicious!

You guys... this doll house was one of the most AMAZING things I have ever seen. Seriously, unbelievably insane! People's talents blow me away!

Waving to the people riding the roller coaster.

On the train ride... You can see how elated Harrison was to be on a train ride. It was his first one in America! He had been on a train in Germany before, although he doesn't remember it.

Dad & Harrison on the train

On the merry-go-round... notice how Harrison is gripping my thumb with the grip of death? :) Also, I am standing on my tip toes in this picture and barely am visible. I am so short, people.

Harrison kept telling us (after we told him there would be animals to see at the fair) that he wanted to find a tractor. He saw a couple tractors pulling people and was SO HAPPY to find one he could drive. He wanted to take this $25,000 backhoe loader home with us. Nice try, son!

Petting zoo time!

Waving to the tractor driving as we headed out! Fun day!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Picture Update: August 25th to August 31st

Harrison pooped and peed for the first time in his potty this week! WE WERE ECSTATIC! I know that it's a silly thing to be excited about, but were seriously proud. He got two chocolate chips because of it. :)

Reading scriptures at breakfast time... the only real meal we get to eat together as a family!

Harrison and I went on a date to the store to get some coconut milk "ice ceam." The pictures speak for themselves on how much he loved it! :)

My window is still messy from those hands... he decided he was going to wipe them on the sliding glass door. BOYS!

Got a new Usborne book... Wind Up Bus!

More lake time at Deep Lake... Harrison loves this little wagon I got him for his birthday. 
I love that he can bring it himself! ;)

He was so interested in digging that we really had to coax him into the water!

We got a noodle at Target and were excited to check it out.

On a bike ride to get bread

Showing me the blueberry he found in our back yard

Helping Daddy make French toast

Harrison has the best dad who will play under the table with him to build a park with these new blocks he got as a hand-me-down from his cousins. Every day, he BEGS us to build a park with him!

More digging at Deep Lake... we had to coax him again to come into the water, but he was so happy when he got it and swam with us! :)

Shopping for screen doors at the Home Depot. Harrison was in heaven when I let him "drive" the riding lawn mowers!

Painting time...

Blurry picture, but I had to catch Harrison's compromise with his cousin. He wanted to DRIVE his cousin's fire truck, but instead decided to climb on the back and ride... totally his style! :)

The next day... working in the yard with his cousin

Another fire truck ride...

Daddy got Harrison new boots because his old ones were so worn out. I am NOT a fan of movie/TV insignias on my child's clothes, but they are good quality and a good deal. So, you deal, right?!

Harrison requested that we paint together again. I love my budding artist! My Oma would be so proud! :)

Playing play dough with his cousin

On our walk after family dinner on Sunday... the kids showing me their dirty hands

Collecting rocks to throw

Colton asked that I take this picture for him! :)

You guys... seriously, this smile kills me. It's hard to say no to such a handsome, sweet, mischievous boy! ;)

Harrison noticed that his Papa had caulked the cracks in his driveway just like he had helped Daddy do.
This kid does NOT skip a beat!


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