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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Harrison Update: 2.5(ish) Years Old

Every day, I just hug my boy close to me and am so grateful he is in my life. I feel like I have learned and grown such much in the past two and a half years, much more so than I ever could have without being a mother. It has changed me in ways I didn't know I needed to be changed. Some days, I cry looking at my little boy knowing that before I realize it, he will be grown up and he won't want my 1,000+ kisses a day, he won't want to hold my hand any more, he won't give me the most adorable/best hugs I've ever had in my life. Before I know it, he won't want to build legos with me constantly, he won't care about walking around Deep Lake with me, going to the Science Center together, or going to the zoo. Because of that, I try to soak in each and every day with my little guy. I try daily, even in the midst of the challenges that this age brings, to love and enjoy every minute. Sure, my house doesn't always look perfect (who am I kidding? It RARELY looks perfect!), but I know that there are times and seasons for everything. For now, I am enjoying the so-called "terrible twos" that honestly are much less terrible than the newborn stage and I am definitely much more rested than I was at that stage too! ;)

So, here are a few things I can think of to share about Harrison at this age/stage of life:

  • As mentioned, he LOVES playing with Legos. He begs Evan and I daily to build with him from the second he wakes up! Truly, he has always loved building and stacking, but it has been fun to see him build and create things on his own. Legos are so much fun for me too (I always loved them as a kid!), so I totally don't mind investing money and time on them. It has been a fun activity that we can do together as a family daily.
  • Harrison still loves cooking with Daddy in the kitchen. Any time Daddy turns on the wheat grinder, Harrison wants to see what Daddy is up to and "help" him as much as he can.
  • Harrison is very intelligent and articulate for his age. Maybe I just think he is intelligent BECAUSE he is articulate, but I do get asked often (just this morning, in fact), how old Harrison is after they hear him speak. He speaks not only very well for his age, but has spoken grammatically correct from when he first started speaking. (Yes, he misconjugates verbs every now and then, but that's about it.) He has always used he and she correctly, something which shocked me when he was 18 months old that he could figure out the difference between male and female.
  • Speaking of... Whenever Harrison sees animal pairs at the zoo or in books, he asks me which one is the mama or daddy and where their baby is if there is no baby there. I think it is so funny that he cares so much and is always thinking about who is the mama and who is the baby if there are only two... and then will say that "The Daddy is gone because he is at work." It is so interesting how children make sense of their world at this age.
  • I stopped nursing Harrison back in October (I think?). He honestly didn't nurse much at that point anyway and I think my milk was pretty much gone. ALTHOUGH, I will say that I felt my constant hunger and thirst abate somewhat, so I must have had more milk than I realized. He asked to nurse a little bit after I stopped nursing him and maybe freaked out once or twice. I know that, if I can help it, I definitely want to stick to the "eat, awake, sleep" routine as much as I can with the next baby! 
  • Because I switched (for some, dumb reason) to nursing before his nap when Harrison was 18 months old, I now rock him to sleep for his nap since he stopped nursing. He goes to sleep at night in his bed by himself, but I am SO worried that if I don't rock him to sleep for his nap that he won't take a nap and I NEED that break in the day and so does he! If he doesn't get a nap, he could go to sleep at 4pm for the day and that isn't healthy for him. I know that every kid is different and stop napping sometimes at this age. Harrison still NEEDS his naps at this age. He is a completely different and well-behaved child when he gets his nap than when he doesn't. He also struggles to go to bed at night if he doesn't get a nap.
  • Harrison still LOVES reading so much. We read at every meal and before bed time at the minimum. If he is having a hard time, sitting down to read a book almost always calms him down and helps him to be happy (that, or playing legos or watching "Fireman Sam," the only show we let him watch... it's 9 minutes long, so I can handle that short amount of time every now and then.)
  • Harrison pretty much eats anything. He can be picky sometimes, but MUCH less picky when he is hungry. Usually, reading a book while eating will also keep him distracted enough that I can sneak some bites in of food that isn't his favorite. On the rare occasion, he also will attempt to go and get himself food when he is hungry.
  • Harrison LOVES adventures and would truly just stay awake all day and all night long if I let him! Ever since we got our zoo and Science Center memberships, Harrison and I (and Evan if he doesn't have work/school!) have been going somewhere fun at least once weekly. I love our little adventures together. While it stinks sometimes having to make it home for his nap, it still is fun to have my little best friend with me to go explore! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Picture Update: January 12th to January 18th

On Monday, Evan took the boys to "3 horsie" park while I was setting up a preschool book fair. 

I met up with them after I was done. Love this boy! :)

The boys reading "Poppy and Sam" together (AKA Complete Collection of Farmyard Tales).

Took Mikey home to get some fresh clothes and check up on the house/Fancy. Zandy met us over there with her two boys.

Eating breakfast in matching jammies.

In order to get the boys out of the house, I took them up to the Seattle Science Center. They had a great time playing! My friend, Christina Gasperetti met up with us. It was so nice to see her AND I appreciated her help with the boys! :)

The boys were So obsessed with the traffic cones. Harrison hasn't stopped talking about them! ;)

I had to BEG Harrison to get him to leave the shooting water. He LOVED this part! :)

He also LOVED this cherry picker and could have stared at this guy taking the lights down from the tree for hours. This boy sure loves trucks! :)

After we got home from the Science Center, we had Christopher, Lyn, and Alana over for dinner. The kids all had a fun time in the bath together! :) We had fun meeting Alana for the first time. What a fun, sweet girl she is! Harrison LOVED having them over. He didn't want them to leave. He kept saying that they could stay and that Alana could sleep in his room with him. It was so sweet! :)

Reading bed time stories with Daddy

On Friday, we went to the Tacoma Children's Museum to get the boys out of the house and to keep them from bickering! ;) They both had a great time!

Thought this was funny how Evan was petting jack.

Blurry, but wanted to snap shot these boys in the bath. They loved playing and splashing together!

On Saturday, we met up with Christopher, Lyn, and Alana at the Tacoma Children's Museum to give the kids some place to play inside. We had planned to go to the zoo, but it started raining pretty hard so we opted for something inside instead. The kids had a fun time. Afterwards, Christopher took us out to lunch at Jack in the Box. It was Harrison's first time going. We are not bug fast food eaters.

Harrison wanted ketchup with his French toast this morning, Funny guy! He loves ketchup!

Daddy finally finished the hat he  made him.

He loves building with his Legos. He wanted to make a SUPER tall tower crane. Goal achieved! :)

I couldn't get too close to take this of Harrison and the dog because otherwise Jack would come up to me. I thought it was so sweet that Harrison wanted to lay down on Jack and pet him... AND sweet that Jack would tolerate it. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Picture Update: January 5th to January 11th

Love this little boy! He cracks me up! He wanted to lay on this bear when we went to the library.

Watching as I made popcorn. This guy LOVES popcorn!

All dressed up for a walk. Love that he is wearing my knit hat from college! :)

I was SO anxious to get out of the house that I almost drove up to Seattle on a whim to take Harrison to the Pacific Science Center. Instead, we went and played at a park. We had a great time chasing each other around, pretending to be in a house and make food (Harrison's idea).

I made a book video this week of new titles for Usborne. Accidentally took a picture of myself instead of turned the video on. Oh well! Reminds me that I did the video. Jack drove me INSANE by barking out and inside during Harrison's nap as I was trying to video. I had to start/stop the video a million times because of his barking. Just as I finished, Harrison woke up! Too bad I didn't get anything else done during his nap other than make the video!

We went up to Seattle on Tuesday after Evan got home from school and got a membership to the Pacific Science Center. The irony is that Harrison LOVED the Science Center, but he just loved the toddler play part. He didn't really care about the rest of the science center, although Evan I certainly did! ;) He particularly did NOT like the dinosaurs. They totally freaked him out and he did not want to stay in the room with them.

This was his FAVORITE activity... playing with water! Evan said we should just set up a water table at our own house and save ourselves the money/drive up to Seattle. He is probably right! ;)

After going to the Science Center, we went out to dinner at Red Robin (not pictured) and dessert at Coldstone with a gift certificate that we still had from our wedding! Harrison loved both places, naturally. Although, he is the worst to take out to eat. He always wants to play around and climb/run around instead of sitting still at the table. The crayons to color on the kids' menu only last a few minutes for this guy before he wants to explore!

Terrible picture, but I just didn't want to forget that Harrison has been telling me recently that he wants to be a firefighter. He went and got some cooking utensils and called them his "fire hose" and went to put out a fire upstairs. It honestly freaked me out for a second when he said that there was a fire upstairs!

Love that little smile

We went on another family outing, this time to Black Diamond. 
Harrison climbed up and wanted to go in the coal car.

The train was locked, but he still had fun seeing it, even if it wasn't open when we got there.

My best friend from high school came to visit! :)

Took Daddy some dinner at work

Love how much he loves reading!

Yesterday, we went to Pt. Defiance Zoo. Mikey, Harrison's cousin, came to stay on Friday and I realized after a long night at home that we needed to get the boys out of the house before their nap. They had a good time playing at the zoo and seeing all the animals. I love going there myself! :)

This polar bear got so close!

The boys loved watching the penguins who were BEGGING for food with crazy cawing sounds!

Looking out for sharks!

The tiger walked RIGHT past Mikey!

We love seeing the peacocks roaming.

Another ride on the merry-go-round. This time, Harrison said before we left that he wanted to ride the polar bear (usually he chooses an Amazonian tree frog). Mikey, naturally, decided that he wanted to ride the polar bear because Harrison did. Kids! ;) Unfortunately, the boys argued from before we even left as to who would actually ride the polar bear. We let Harrison ride it because he was the one who said he wanted to do it first. Mikey gets to ride it next time, though! :)

Even though the zoo lights were no longer running, we still wanted to take a picture by the Nemo-type fish, or whatever it was that Harrison called them. I had to laugh! He has never even seen Nemo, but I read him a book one time. Now, he always wants to me to tell him a story about Nemo.

Naked boys running around before church.

Months ago, I had to move the books out of this bottom shelf or else Jack would chew them up. I put all of the books in a decorative basket. Harrison tried to move the basket and started calling this his house. See what I'm saying... he loves making every small space his house! ;)


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